This is more a question to myself. I’ve probably spent $500+ on courses that I’ve never even opened, and I wonder why?

I convince myself that it’s a worthwhile expense because it’s going to improve my life in some way. Copywriting, marketing, SEO, videography. All valuable skills, right? And money has left my bank account. Just do it.

I think other people have the same challenge. DM me if you’ve done this before!

Here’s the courses / expensive books I’ve bought recently:

I don’t have an answer for why I haven’t done them. I just thought it was interesting that I’d spend $100+ plus on something that will improve me in some way, then I never open it.

It then made me think about my own course, 2 Hour Podcast, which I sell for $99. I’ve sold around 50 copies and I’m now wondering how many people have actually launched a podcast using it? Or have some people never opened it?

This is where I'm pondering the effectiveness of cohort based courses. All of the courses I’ve bought, and my own, are self-paced (you are sent a link to some videos or articles and you consume in your own time). The cohort method means that people are part of a peer group which helps with accountability to actually get it done.

I’ve found in the past I’m not hugely accountable to myself, so why should I expect myself to be when it comes to courses?

You can call this article as a note-to-self to go back through some of these courses and consume them. I want to get better at copywriting. I want to get better at SEO. I want to get better at time. I’ve got some awesome resources from talented people sitting there that I’ve already paid for - let’s use them!

I’m also writing this because on Friday I spent $80 on Sam Parr’s copywriting course. Mainly because his sales email was bloody class and the course is teaching sales copy so he’s got secrets I want to know.

It’s a show up every day commitment for 10 days. I think I can do it. I’ll report back my learnings here!

But please do DM me on Twitter if you have this same problem! I’m interested.