It’s been a really challenging past few months for me, trying to deal with something I didn’t really understand. In the past few weeks I’ve started to feel much better. Doing much more of the things I enjoy and generally getting back to being myself.

What I didn’t expect is the outpouring of love and support I’ve had from everyone. People I haven’t spoken to before but listen to the podcast, close friends that have gone through something similar or just people I know from Twitter. But the indie hacker community as a whole is the most kind, loving and supportive bunch of people I’ve ever come across. I wanted to write this message to say thank you to those that sent me a message, or went a little further.

Three people in particular went above and beyond, asked for my address and actually sent me things! (All aren’t in the UK, I’ll add).

My friend Danny Miranda sent me “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It”, by Kamal Ravikant, Joe Masilotti sent me “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown (also recommended to me by Josh Gonsalves) and Rob Hope sent me a postcard with some kind words on it.

Danny even helped me for a few weeks forming some habits I’d wanted to build for a while. He checked in with me every day to make sure I journaled, meditated for 10 minutes and read 10 pages of my book. This was above and beyond what I expected.

Val Sopi sent me a DM asking for my email so he could send me a voice message saying he’d been through something similar. Sure enough, the same day I received a super insightful 5 minute message from Val which was full of support and encouragement.

The DMs, emails and Slack messages from people came pouring in, I’ll mention everyone here that sent something to me - along with a few links to say thank you:

Since I released this podcast episode sharing some of my thoughts, I’ve also had 10 new members for my Indie Feast membership, where I share extended episodes of my conversations with some of my favourite indie hackers. Thank you to everyone who has supported me there and given me some true MRR!

Indie Feast MRR...

All I can say is I’m very grateful to be part of this awesome community. Without this bunch of people I’m not sure if I would have been able to pull out of this as well as I have done. So thank you, truly.