Since speaking with Daniel Vassallo on Monday, my desire to create my own info product has been getting stronger. It's something I've wanted to do for years but haven't had the confidence in myself to do it.

But here's what I'm thinking...

"How to create a short form podcast and monetise it"

A short, 1hr long video course sharing all my knowledge on how to start and get paid for a short podcast.

It will also have a PDF + slides. I'll even make my own mini show so you can follow along. It will be mainly aimed at indie hackers who are interested in using podcasting to help grow their products and audience, but aren't sure where to start. This will be your one-stop guide.

Why short form?

I honestly believe short form (5-20 mins) podcasts are the best value and easiest to produce. I also don't think there are enough of them.

Everyone wants to make a 1hr long pod where they chat with their mates or interview a founder.

Trouble is, everyone is doing that.

Short form shows give your listeners an alternative type of pod and you can pack more value in. I'm surprised the amount of people listen to @indiebitespod just because it's short.

Why me?

I've made hundreds of podcast episodes for myself and even more for clients. I also listen to a ton. I think I'm pretty good at it.

I'd love to share that knowledge and get some more high-quality indie podcasts out there.

Time & Perfectionism

One of the reasons I've not done this yet is because I've either told myself I've not got the time, or I've wanted it to be absolutely perfect.

But after speaking with Daniel Vassallo and learning that his $250k course took 16 hours, I want to do the same.

So I'm thinking to time-box a weekend, starting this Friday afternoon, to script, shoot, edit and publish the course by Monday.

What if it doesn't sell?

I've not done a great job at pre-selling or growing my audience, but I think there is enough legends who want to start a pod.

If it launches to 0 sales, I'll be happy that I tried. I'll learn and move on.

There isn't much point in me sitting around wanting to do it but telling myself excuses whenever the thought comes into my mind.

Time to actually make it happen and stop thinking in "what if's?"

What do you think about this? Worth a shot? Would you buy it?

Will spend the next week and weekend sharing my outlines, thought processes and progress in making the course. Would love for you to follow along! ?