I need to do more of the things I genuinely enjoy. Not just the things I pretend to enjoy because I do them as an indie hacker. Not just the things that make me money.

I’m talking those hobbies that are genuinely not work, and aren’t likely to turn into work any time soon.

  • Flying my drone
  • Making wallets
  • Riding my motorbike
  • Playing tennis
  • Playing with camera gear

I often tell myself “I’ll treat myself to a motorbike ride when I get this edit done, but I’m not allowed to before”

But what the hell is the point of running your own business if you can’t do the fun shit you want to, whenever you want to? The extra risk and challenges we take on as entrepreneurs is offset by the freedom we get from it, right?

Now I understand the need for restraint in our lives so we get the stuff done that pays the bills. Not everyone is in the position that money is coming pouring in while doing little work. One day, maybe, we’ll be there. But right now work needs to get done, but don’t restrain yourself from doing the fun shit that you genuinely enjoy.

Also, there is something to be said about rewarding yourself for doing something you don't really want to do. So I'm not going to recklessly just do what I want whenever I want, but I think I'm planning on doing those things I enjoy a little more often.

I loved this quote from Marie Poulin in my recent Indie Bites episode when we were talking about the work she delegates to her assistant.

"So that frees me up for way more deep focused work, doing the stuff that I love.

And what's the point? If you're not going to be designing a business that you freaking love to do? So for me, I'm always optimizing for how can I get the most enjoyment out of what I'm doing? How could I make it so that it doesn't actually feel like work? Could I design a business that feels like play and feels like so much fun?

That's the dream. Otherwise what's the point? To make your own jail."

I’m writing this as I was about to go and fly my drone but then I thought “nah, I need to get my edits done, then I'll treat myself afterwards".

Fuck it. I’m going out to fly my drone. See you in 30 minutes.